2015 Growing the Organic Industry, Strategies for Brand Success - Multi Site License

2015 Growing the Organic Industry, Strategies for Brand Success - Multi Site License

  • Multi Division Site License: Includes PDF, PPT with access to charts and site rights for internal network usage across more than one company division/location.
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150+ pages of data and analysis, including charts, graphs, and illustrations!

2015 Growing the Organic Industry: Strategies for Brand Success is a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the organic industry, focused primarily on the organic food and beverage category. This report builds on NMI’s original industry-wide study from 2011 and shows that while organic sales have recovered the growth patterns of the pre-recession marketplace, barriers remain to truly increase household penetration and frequency of usage across categories.

Data, insights and analysis are gleaned from a multi-phase methodology which included 1) Targeted consumer profiling as well as attitudinal and behavioral metrics from NMI’s Health and Wellness Trends (HWTD) and NMI’s Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) databases; 2) Consumer qualitative peer-to-peer in-home focus groups to explore actual consumer emotions and behavior within organic categories and delve into barriers to usage; 3) Nielsen HomeScan data provided segment contribution to volume and frequency across categories, and offers opportunities for additional custom analysis to identify opportunistic and need states within your organic categories; 4) A searchable video library of insight from the peer groups is available which offers over 30 hours of video and transcription and allows for searching by topic, key word, or segment to provide more in-depth ‘color’ and detail to your analysis.

The intent of this report is to provide a solid overview of where the current organic marketplace stands, while investigating how to...

  • Increase trial and frequency
    • Determine who is using organics and why as a means to further growth
    • Understand drivers and barriers
    • Understand the attributes that truly increase trial, frequency, and loyalty
  • Improve brand communications
    • Understand the organic difference and differentiate from natural, non-GMO
    • Take proactive control of the message
  • Develop strategies to advance the industry!

We hope you enjoy this report and use it as an essential tool to help you understand market trends, improve communications and develop an overall strategic plan.

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