India - Consumers and Sustainability 2014 Single Site License

India - Consumers and Sustainability 2014 Single Site License

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India 2014 ― Consumers and Sustainability is NMI's comprehensive report on the state of health and sustainability specifically in the country of India. The research was conducted to gain a fuller understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviors in India on the topics of health, environmental friendliness, sustainability, and corporate accountability.

This country report uncovers insights unique to the Indian consumer base and examines the motivations and challenges which drive consumers to be more environmentally and socially responsible. In addition, the report reveals what they feel is their role and the role of those doing business in India. Global warming, water conservation, pollution and waste reduction are top of mind for these consumers. Find out what else is on their minds.

A glimpse into the report ...

The continued expansion of sustainability and environmental protection within India

How segments within the Indian population have differing points of view and how that understanding can help to formulate messaging

  • What types of products Indian consumers want to see in an environmental version
  • What social and environmental issues are of utmost importance to Indians
  • What are their health concerns and how do they influence desire for specific food attributes
  • What are Indian consumers interested in learning about what companies are doing regarding their social and environmental commitments

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