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14th Annual Consumer Report 2016 State of Sustainability in America®

An annual consumer research study devoted to understanding consumer values and behaviors across health, the environment and corporate social responsibility, and their impact on purchase

Over 135 pages of new research on consumer need states, attitudes, usage, and opportunities including data, charts, graphs, analysis, and commentary!

This report is the fourteenth annual U.S. report NMI has published on the state of the sustainability market. It is full of insights, data, and analysis to help you better understand the ever-evolving world of environmentally-friendly, socially conscious, and healthy products and how consumers are integrating sustainability into their lifestyle.

This year, the underlying theme of the report explores the notion of the 'return on investment' (ROI) of sustainability initiatives. Many companies have been involved and are becoming more involved in the sustainability space, taking measures to ensure they are mindful of their impact on society, the environment and local and global communities.

The objectives of this research are to provide insights into how consumer attitudes and behaviors toward health and wellness have changed over the past 16 years and how these changes may impact the future landscape of the health and wellness industry.

Some uncertainty arises for companies, however, in how to measure what type and how much of an impact, if any, these sustainable initiatives are having. In essence, are these sustainable initiatives having a positive impact on the environment or the company and how can the impact be measured? Even further, have these initiatives transformed consumer perception regarding the company and, if so, are they measurable changes? This report addresses these questions and ultimately provides background and consumer insights to begin the ROI journey.

In addition, the intent of this report is to provide a solid overview of where the current sustainable marketplace stands, in addition to...

  • how consumers interact in the green marketplace
  • what product benefits and attributes are driving consumers to choose sustainable over conventional products
  • how segments within society view sustainability differently and what motivates this differentiation
  • what are some of the barriers to being 'green'
  • what are the opportunities for future growth

We hope you enjoy this report, and that it both grounds you in market trends as well as sparks new ideas of how you can explore opportunities and develop strategies in this thriving marketplace.

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2016 Health and Wellness Trends in America

Over 160 pages of new research on consumers need states, attitudes, usage, and opportunities including data, charts, graphs, analysis, and commentary!

Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) is pleased to present its 17th annual consumer report, 2016 Trends in Healthy Living, which examines consumer attitudes and behaviors toward healthy living and the health and wellness marketplace as a whole. This research uncovers insights into how today's consumer integrates health and wellness into their lifestyle and reveals their motivations and the challenges they encounter in their pursuit of health.

Many factors are driving multiple categories across the U.S. For example, aging drives condition-specific needs, and increased consumer knowledge and desire for specific product features and benefits drive natural, organic, gluten-free and plant-based options. The need for education and an understanding of their drivers that affect consumer behavior patterns has never been stronger.

The objectives of this research are to provide insights into how consumer attitudes and behaviors toward health and wellness have changed over the past 16 years and how these changes may impact the future landscape of the health and wellness industry.

A glimpse into the report ...

  • 2016 Top 8 Consumer Health and Wellness Trends
  • Changing segment composition as evidence of health and wellness mainstreaming
  • Consumers' customized mix of traditional, alternative and emerging healthcare methods
  • Nutritional challenges families face with children in the household
  • Benefit understanding of natural, organic, and non-GMO products
  • The impact of environmental concerns on product choice

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2016 Supplements/OTC/ Rx

140+ pages of data and analysis, including charts, graphs, illustrations

Looking for new consumer targets, new product ideas, new delivery systems, new market trends?

This quantitative consumer research project is NMI's most comprehensive and robust data collection vehicle ever undertaken to examine the intersection of dietary supplements, OTC and pharmaceuticals. It contains the most in-depth consumer insight and breakthrough learnings about consumer usage of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and other supplements combined with OTC and Rx products.

Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) is pleased to present its 2016 Supplements, OTC & Rx Consumer Market Trends Report which examines the intersection of dietary supplements, over-the-counter medication and pharmaceuticals and how consumers integrate this mix of self-care methods into their current lifestyle.

The research provides a clear view of the supplement industry landscape and the factors that drive growth. Exploration of how consumers perceive dietary supplements, what and why they currently use, and even why they have stopped using certain supplements lays the foundational insights from which to build stronger brand equity, trust, and innovative products and formats to address the needs of today’s consumer. Read More


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12 Edition Consumer Report 2016 Healthy Aging Across Generations

140+ pages with 10 chapters of new research on consumer need states, targeting, attitudes, behavior patterns, trends and opportunities including data, charts, graphs, analysis, commentary, and more!

NMI (Natural Marketing Institute), a leading global research, strategic consulting and intelligence provider, is pleased to release its 12th Edition Consumer Report: 2016 Healthy Aging Across Generations. This report seeks to provide insights into how today’s consumer is confronting their own health and wellness, uncover factors that are creating health challenges, and reveal some underlying dynamics that may help to provide a glimpse into what lies ahead. In addition, insights into how each generation is dealing with these opportunities and challenges are presented. Read More



NEW from NMI (Natural Marketing Institute) & Nielsen - Opportunities in Digestive Health Report

Opportunities in Digestive Health, includes a detailed segmentation analysis, a look at consumer health aspirations, purchase behaviors and opportunistic marketing strategies.

NMI Managing Partner, Maryellen Molyneaux shares "Given the ongoing importance of health and wellness as a prevailing consumer force, Nielsen and NMI are collaborating to uncover the major dietary trends influencing this burgeoning marketplace."

Manufacturers and retailers need to position themselves to take advantage of emerging trends and products.

The report provides marketers with insight into the size and sales trends of 4 digestive claims - gluten-free, probiotics, fiber, and lactose-free, as well as consumer attitudes and behaviors toward digestive health in general.

nmi -and nielsen digestive health report mini-cover

Opportunities in Digestive Health provides an 80+ page NMI and Nielsen PowerPoint deck with summary of consumer insights along with a detailed Nielsen purchase behavior report via Excel on each claim (Nielsen RMS & Homescan).

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