Feb 17

NMI releases 15th Annual Report revealing what consumers REALLY think about Sustainability


For Immediate Release
HARLEYSVILLE, PA. February 2017

NMI, a leading research and global intelligence provider to brands and corporations, is pleased to release its much awaited 15th annual, 2017 State of Sustainability in America consumer report.  This annual consumer research study is devoted to understanding consumer values and behaviors across health, the environment and corporate social responsibility, and their impact on purchase. This ground breaking study also continues to track how consumer attitudes, behaviors, psychographics and lifestyle activities are evolving and changing as consumers try to become increasingly aligned with a more sustainable lifestyle.

Steve French, NMI Managing partner, states that "Many companies have been involved and are becoming more involved in the sustainability space, taking measures to ensure they are mindful of their impact on society, the environment and local and global communities. Some uncertainty arises for companies, however, in how to measure what type and how much of an impact, if any, these sustainable initiatives are having. This report discusses how sustainable initiatives adopted by companies and brands can impact consumers' initial trial, purchase intent and willingness to pay a premium and ultimately provides background and consumer insights to begin the ROI journey".

In addition, the intent of this report is to provide a solid overview of where the current sustainable marketplace stands, in addition to...

  • how consumers interact in the green marketplace
  • how segments within society view sustainability differently and what motivates this differentiation
  • how companies' sustainable initiatives can effect their bottom line
  • what are some of the barriers to being 'green'
  • what are the opportunities for future growth

To view the report summary click here.

For more information kindly click here to contact Steve French, NMI Managing Partner, at Steve.French@NMIsolutions.com

Jan 17

NMI introduces the industry’s most comprehensive Health and Sustainability library on the consumer marketplace!

insights library image

For Immediate Release
HARLEYSVILLE, PA. January 2017

NMI (Natural Marketing Institute), a leading global research, strategic consulting and intelligence provider specializing in Health and Sustainability, is pleased to introduce NMI's 2017 Consumer Insights Library.

Subscribers access NMI Consumer Topical reports, Consumer Trends, Exclusive monthly webinars with presentations, PLUS receive additional Subscriber bonuses and discounts on other NMI products and services.

Since 1990 NMI's syndicated databases are tracking 1 million+ consumers spanning 30+ countries. Designed for 24/7 on-line access providing companies with current and fresh insights into Health, Wellness, and Sustainability (LOHAS) to support decisions and consumer opportunities.

To view NMI's 2017 Consumer Insights Library click here

Jul 16

NMI Releases New 12 Edition Consumer Report 2016 Healthy Aging Across Generations

2016 healthy aging report cover 1

For Immediate Release

NMI (Natural Marketing Institute), a leading global research, strategic consulting and intelligence provider, is pleased to release its 12th Edition Consumer Report: 2016 Healthy Aging Across Generations. This report seeks to provide insights into how today’s consumer is confronting their own health and wellness, uncover factors that are creating health challenges, and reveal some underlying dynamics that may help to provide a glimpse into what lies ahead. In addition, insights into how each generation is dealing with these opportunities and challenges are presented.

Steve French, NMI Managing Partner, shares that “this report reveals how the “health” tide is rising across all sectors of the population driven in part by dissatisfaction with the healthcare system, increased corporate transparency, mixed media messages, a renewed sense of self-responsibility and a desire to take control in an environment where independence is a coveted state. In addition, this rising tide is not being driven solely by the aging population. Instead, it is being embraced across the entire demographic spectrum, prompting the need for products and services to promote “healthy aging” to even the youngest generations; an imperative that requires a shift from the current focus on the aged.”

“However, while this renewed sense of self-responsibility is fueling a desire to take control of all aspects of their life, consumers are, at times, falling short of their goals. In essence, a gap oftentimes exists in what consumers believe they should do and what they actually do, where lack of understanding, lack of resources, and fluctuating commitment to healthy aging behaviors all play a role”.

This report covers the various dimensions of healthy aging, and the opportunities which exist to help consumers translate their aspirational attitudes into actual behaviors, thereby lessening the ‘say/do’ gap and keeping them on a healthier lifestyle path.

Some topics include…

  • The broad range of lifestyle dynamics which drive “healthy aging”
  • The challenges of consumers’ unmet need states
  • Interest in a range of products and services to fit emerging “healthy aging” needs
  • An understanding of how each generation is financially prepared for retirement
  • Identification of consumers’ biggest fears of aging

2016 Healthy Aging Across Generations offers 140+ pages with 10 chapters of new research on consumer need states, targeting, attitudes, behavior patterns, trends and opportunities including data, charts, graphs, analysis, commentary, and more!

NMI's Report Project Methodology

  • Quantitative study since 2005, now with 11 years of trended NMI data based on 35,000+ comprehensive interviews.
  • January 2016 research of U.S. adults comprised of 3,465 general population adults 18+, including Millennials, Gen X, Boomers and Matures.
  • Nationally projectable and balanced to U.S. Census data across key demographics: gender, age, income, education, region, and race.
  • Statistically significant at the 95% confidence level to +/- 1.5%.

For more information on NMI’s 2016 Healthy Aging Across Generations report click here or contact Dana Marinari, Marketing Manager, at Dana.Marinari@NMIsolutions.com

Oct 15

NMI Releases New 2016 report that confirms What U.S. consumers REALLY think of Supplements, OTC and Pharmaceuticals!


For Immediate Release
HARLEYSVILLE, PA. October 2016

Harleysville, Pa. – NMI (Natural Marketing Institute), a leading research and global market intelligence provider to major brands today announced the release of their much awaited 2016 Supplements, OTC & Rx Consumer Market Trends Report which examines the intersection of dietary supplements, over-the-counter medication and pharmaceuticals and how consumers integrate this mix of self-care methods into their current lifestyle.

This quantitative consumer research project is NMI's most comprehensive and robust data collection vehicle ever undertaken to examine the intersection of dietary supplements, OTC and pharmaceuticals. It contains the most in-depth consumer insight and breakthrough learnings about consumer usage of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and other supplements combined with OTC and Rx products.

Maryellen Molyneaux, NMI Managing Partner states that "the NMI objectives of the research included providing deeper understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviors toward dietary supplements in order to increase compliance, address barriers, establish trial and build loyalty. The research provides a clear view of the supplement industry landscape and the factors that drive growth.  Exploration of how consumers perceive dietary supplements, what and why they currently use, and even why they have stopped using certain supplements lays the foundational insights from which to build stronger brand equity, trust, and innovative products and formats to address the needs of today's consumer".

To view the report summary click here.

For more information kindly contact Maryellen Molyneaux, NMI Managing Partner,

at Maryellen.Molyneaux@NMIsolutions.com or 215-513-7300, ext. 204.

Oct 15

NEW from NMI (Natural Marketing Institute) & Nielsen - Opportunities in Digestive Health Report

nmi -and nielsen digestive health report mini-cover

For Immediate Release
HARLEYSVILLE, PA. October 2015

New York, NY & Harleysville, Pa. – Nielsen, a global information and measurement company and NMI, a leading research and global market intelligence provider to major brands, today announced the release of their first in a series of collaborative Health Condition Reports.

This first report, Opportunities in Digestive Health, includes a detailed segmentation analysis, a look at consumer health aspirations, purchase behaviors and opportunistic marketing strategies. NMI Managing Partner, Maryellen Molyneaux added "Given the ongoing importance of health and wellness as a prevailing consumer force, Nielsen and NMI are collaborating to uncover the major dietary trends influencing this burgeoning marketplace."  Manufacturers and retailers need to position themselves to take advantage of emerging trends and products. The report provides marketers with insight into the size and sales trends of 4 digestive claims - gluten-free, probiotics, fiber, and lactose-free, as well as consumer attitudes and behaviors toward digestive health in general.

Opportunities in Digestive Health provides an 80+ page NMI and Nielsen PowerPoint deck with summary of consumer insights along with a detailed Nielsen purchase behavior report via Excel on each claim (Nielsen RMS & Homescan).

For more information kindly visit NMI at www.NMIsolutions.com or contact Maryellen Molyneaux, Pres., NMI at Maryellen.Molyneaux@NMIsolutions.com or Neha Seth, Associate Director, Nielsen at Neha.Seth@nielsen.com

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