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NMI excels at turning insights into strategies that help you reach your objectives

Primary Custom Qualitative Research

  • Groups, IDIs, ethnographies, in-home, shop-along, central location, on-line communities

Primary Custom Quantitative Research

  • Custom, advanced methodologies, multi-sponsor, online, mail, in-person, phone, intercept

NMI also offers a variety of proprietary research tools that you won't find elsewhere...


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  • NMI's qualitative and quantitative tools helps you understand
  • What approach resonates best with your target
  • Who is the most attracted to your approach
  • Why your approach is a winner
  • LENS can be used as a complete optimization process from concept to market!

How is the NMI Foresight™ Platform Applied to Consumer Categories?

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Client previous work is reviewed for application and relevant inputs are selected with the client to fit their goals and budget:

  • Deep ethnographies for understanding the category and users
  • Ongoing quantitative trackers identify the strength of and ancillary insight around category trends
  • Integration of 20 years NMI data surrounding the category, category users and NMI proprietary segmentations
  • Select other relevant data input options; e.g. previous client research, syndicated retail sales, social media trend data, government statistics, macroeconomic indicators, demographic analysis, etc.

Forecasting, Reporting, Consulting:

  • Utilize Foresight™ advanced predictive modeling software to forecast future consumer behaviors
  • NMI ongoing reporting and consultative engagement

NMI Consumer Segmentations

  • Validate populations attitudes and behaviors
  • 4 Proprietary models- Health and Wellness, Health Aging, Sustainability, and Organic
  • Custom segmentations also available
  • Activated in partnership across All Nielsen Solutions featuring Homescan Spectra, SMS, BASES

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