2014 GMO Consumer Insight Report

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Summary Table of Contents

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Background & Objectives

65 pages of data and analysis, including charts, graphs, and illustrations!

In previous research, NMI explored consumers' level of understanding and concerns over the past decade surrounding GMOs. While in the past, NMI found widespread confusion about GMOs, the amount of recent media exposure on the subject has fueled consumer understanding and concerns.

The objective of this current report is to provide an updated review of the dynamic shifts in the market:

  • How far have consumers come in terms of understanding GMOs?
  • How are they incorporating Non-GMO products into their everyday lifestyle?
  • What are their attitudes and behaviors toward labeling?
  • How has the debate for GMO labeling progressed in the U.S. legislature and what level of consumer support for such legislation is evident?
  • What is happening within the marketplace within Non-GMO product introductions, promotions and associated health platforms?

A glimpse into the report...

  • What are the recent major shifts in consumer awareness, understanding, concerns about GMOs, and usage of Non-GMO products?
  • Is there more or less confusion about the difference between Organic and GMO-free? Do consumers have enough information to make informed decisions regarding their food choices relative to GMOs?
  • What's the latest in GMO labeling legislation?
  • What is the growth in Non-GMO/GMO-free product introductions, and what is behind this growth? What categories lead, and what other claims are included in these product launches?
  • Are brands at risk of losing loyal customers if they incorporate GMO ingredients into their products?
  • How has certification seal awareness increased among consumers? (Non-GMO Project, USDA Certified Organic) Are these seals important to consumers?
  • Plus more...

Table of Contents

Background & Objectives


Executive Overview

Industry Overview

Consumer Awareness and Understanding of GMOs

Consumption Behaviors and Diet Preferences

The Role of Pesticides and Toxins

Impact of Seals

NMI Database Descriptions

Research Methodology

  • Nationally representative sample of the U. S. population statistically valid at 95% confidence level to +/- 1.2%
  • 2014 survey was conducted on-line among 3,000 + general population consumers.

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