Jul 14

What U.S. consumers REALLY think of GMOs!



NMI (Natural Marketing Institute)

Releases New 2014 report that confirms

What U.S. consumers REALLY think of GMOs!


Harleysville, Pa. – NMI, a leading research and global market intelligence provider to major brands today announced the release of their much awaited 2014 GMO Consumer Insight Report... What U.S. Consumers REALLY Think of GMOs.

In previous research, NMI explored consumers' level of understanding and concerns over the past decade surrounding GMOs. While in the past, NMI found widespread confusion about GMOs, the amount of recent media exposure on the subject has fueled consumer understanding and concerns.

This insightful report, also delivers on What U.S. consumers REALLY think of GMOs , Dynamic shifts in the marketplace, Consumer support of legislation, the Role of  Pesticides and Toxins, Certification seal awareness and value, and much more.

To develop this study, NMI synthesized proprietary data with unique, strategic insight into the behavior, values, shopping behaviors, and diet preferences of the consumer. The Report quantifies and illuminates what are the recent major shifts in consumer awareness, understanding, concerns about GMOs, usage of Non-GMO products, and the implications for marketers as over 25 states, as of July, have pending legislation on GMO related bills.

To view the report summary that confirms What U.S. Consumers REALLY think of GMOs Click here!

For more information, contact Dana Marinari at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NMI is an international strategic consulting, market research and business development company specializing in the health, wellness, and sustainability marketplaces spanning over 23 countries. Now celebrating 25 years in serving the industry with innovative solutions for the well being of people, products, and the environmentally and socially responsible sustainability of the planet.


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