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NMI releases new report: 2015 Growing The Organic Industry: Strategies for Brand Success


NMI releases new report: 2015 Growing The Organic Industry: Strategies for Brand Success

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HARLEYSVILLE, PA. February 2015. NMI, a leading research and global intelligence provider to brands and corporations, is pleased to release its much awaited report: 2015 Growing The Organic Industry: Strategies for Brand Success.

Almost seven in ten consumers use some type of organic product, a trend that has been moving steadily upward over the past 9 years. In the U.S., organic product sales reached over $35B in 2013 with organic foods and beverages representing 92% of those sales. In fact, organic food accounts for almost 5% of all U.S. food sales.

Who is using organic? NMI's organic segmentation model breaks down consumers by differing levels of usage and commitment; brands must attract the Devoteds for a viable share of dollar volume. Millennials show trended increased entry into the category suggesting potential longevity and future expansion.

What motivates consumers to choose organic? It is a complex combination of both positive drivers and avoidance, some of which include: a craving to eat healthy, a desire to avoid negative ingredients, a mistrust of the food chain and manufacturers, a wish to promote a sustainable and safer environment, and having a child in the household.

Methodology Included the following:

  1. NMI Database analysis for general population and Organic Segment insights – over 7000 interviews!
  2. Nielsen HomeScan organic segment insight – analysis of purchases among 50,000+ households.
  3. Consumer ethnographies with peer groups – 4 cities, 30+ hours of interviews.

Maryellen Molyneaux, NMI President, Managing partner, added that "To advance the Organic industry a commitment needs to be made to ongoing education and communication as almost four in ten users are new within the past year. These consumers contribute immensely to organic categories, but confusion reigns. Longevity and growth will demand ongoing scientific research as well as marketing communications."

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