Oct 15

NMI Releases New 2016 report that confirms What U.S. consumers REALLY think of Supplements, OTC and Pharmaceuticals!


For Immediate Release
HARLEYSVILLE, PA. October 2016

Harleysville, Pa. – NMI (Natural Marketing Institute), a leading research and global market intelligence provider to major brands today announced the release of their much awaited 2016 Supplements, OTC & Rx Consumer Market Trends Report which examines the intersection of dietary supplements, over-the-counter medication and pharmaceuticals and how consumers integrate this mix of self-care methods into their current lifestyle.

This quantitative consumer research project is NMI's most comprehensive and robust data collection vehicle ever undertaken to examine the intersection of dietary supplements, OTC and pharmaceuticals. It contains the most in-depth consumer insight and breakthrough learnings about consumer usage of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and other supplements combined with OTC and Rx products.

Maryellen Molyneaux, NMI Managing Partner states that "the NMI objectives of the research included providing deeper understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviors toward dietary supplements in order to increase compliance, address barriers, establish trial and build loyalty. The research provides a clear view of the supplement industry landscape and the factors that drive growth.  Exploration of how consumers perceive dietary supplements, what and why they currently use, and even why they have stopped using certain supplements lays the foundational insights from which to build stronger brand equity, trust, and innovative products and formats to address the needs of today's consumer".

To view the report summary click here.

For more information kindly contact Maryellen Molyneaux, NMI Managing Partner,

at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 215-513-7300, ext. 204.

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