Our Brand/Communication Tools


A social media listening tool that can pull in publicly posted online content, such as social media posts, online news articles, and blogs to track a category or brand over real-time.

Track trends in online chatter and analyze the themes in public posts about any brand, person, phrase, or topic.



  • Identify online posts that have the highest engagement or potential reach.

  • Discover top influencers sorted by engagement or potential reach.

  • Find which sites the topic is appearing most on.

  • Display virality map of often- shared articles, which includes tracking shares across online media channels.

  • Find common themes that appear in posts about the topic, such as words, phrases, hashtags, and emojis.

With consumers spending more and more time connected online and using social media, and the increasing growth of digital media and social marketing initiatives, keeping tabs on the chatter online is imperative for brand management. Our social listening tool gives you the ability to see what is being posted and shared anywhere online (globally) about your brand (a new product/LTO, news events, a digital campaign, etc.).

  • real time_icon
    Keep track of online chatter about any brand, topic, or product and the overall sentiment in real time.
  • escalation_icon
    Stay ahead of crises and mitigate any potential escalations.
  • campaign_icon
    Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • Discover_icon
    Discover the most popular posts by highest engagement, potential reach, or comment count.
  • Classify_icon
    Classify and sort authors to see who is talking about the brand by demographic, behavior or location.
  • influencers_icon
    Discover who the industry and brand influencers are, and potentially leverage their online clout.
  • emoji_icon
    Track emerging themes by topic, hashtags, emoji, sentiment, and other classifications.
  • Monitor_icon
    Monitor any social media account and track/compare owner activity, audience activity, and follower growth.