Sustainability Consultants


20 Years of Sustainability Trended Analysis and Green Consumer Insights

The Natural Marketing Institute focuses on helping companies create more sustainable futures for themselves, their customers, and society. Our sustainability consultants perform extensive research to understand how today's green consumers think about environmental and planetary health, packaging, resource depletion, and more – what they care most about is why companies should address these issues.

Understanding the Acceleration of Sustainability: Environmental Responsibility

While personal health is still an utmost concern among most consumers, many are realizing they need to pay more attention to the health of the earth as issues such as global warming, plastic pollution, and diminished biodiversity are threatening the existence of both person and planet.

In other words, the bar has been raised from minimizing one’s impact and introspection to actually making a positive impact on fixing environmental and social ills. Companies and corporations will need to continually reexamine their processes and offerings to have a positive impact on the environment and society to align with this growing consumer attitude.

Natural Marketing Institute research shows that while consumers may exhibit some anxiety about global and national issues, they realize that sustainability is not something that can be pushed aside or put on hold. In other words, since much of their anxiety may be driven by a sense of helplessness, being sustainable and taking part in green behaviors help consumers feel a sense of control and purpose for the greater good.

Even further, consumers expect other entities such as governments and companies to step up and ensure the progress made in sustainable initiatives will continue, even during trying times, to protect the very existence of the planet and its inhabitants.


  • Resource depletion is driving the need for more sustainable practices by all, as depletion of resources resides high on the list of consumers’ concerns.
  • Three (3) out of 5 consumers in the total population and over 4 out of 5 LOHAS consumers feel that the depletion and overuse of the planet’s natural resources will destroy life on the planet.
  • One of the lessons coming out of the pandemic is how planetary health improves from lowered human activity and thus, lowered human impact on the environment; how might this learning be applied to how companies talk about how they source, manufacture, package and sell their products.

Natural Marketing Institute's experienced sustainability consultants can help you uncover and visualize the impact for your business/brand to create workable, innovative sustainable market research solutions:

  • In-depth Consumer Work
  • Landscape Mapping
  • Pathway-to-Purchase
  • B2B Insights
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Int./Ext. Innovation
  • ID and Prioritize the Problems Worth Solving
  • Competitive Analyses
  • Supply Chain Innovation
  • Multi-faceted Dimensions
  • And More!