Lens: Quantitative Concept Testing

quantitative concept testing

Screen multiple platforms/ideas for relative value/interest.
Prioritize where to invest for further development.

Explore three to five ideas with diagnostics. Understand the relative
appeal of characteristics, benefits, etc. and build a strong bundle.


Optimize the appeal of a single concept or approach via comprehensive diagnostics, iterations or a single assessment.

Lens concept testing is self-norming


Concept scores are "self-norming" — the respondent establishes his personal frame of
reference via selection of first and second favorites on a scale, imitating a real life market.


What is a Prime Target?

A person who believes the concept is excellent, with great execution — your best audience — those who will buy your product or service and believe it is the best solution for them.

Rating scores gauge the intensity of interest in the concept.


lens delivers unparalleled depth of information to assist your marketing decisions. Understand why your
idea wins, features/benefits for package call outs, and barriers to interest and acceptance.


Driver Scores: Borderlines vs. Prime Target

Provide the strength of key elements such as features, benefits or other communications that drive acceptance of your idea.

Rating sets

provide dynamic ranking across benefits, claims, flavors and more —
TURF analysis available


Respondents' Verbatim insight

comments, in their own language, unedited, provide additional insight into how they think or why they rated your idea as they did.

  • Identify Promotional Lift Based on Current and Promotional Pricing
  • Identify opportunities, validate and optimize concepts for launch
  • Prime Target Profile
  • Advanced Analytics - Volumetrics
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