PersonaSmart - Segmedica

PersonaSmart™, brought to you by Segmedica, is an innovative way of linking personality to decision-making and behavior in any activity. Segmedica applies psychology, neuroscience, and anthropology to understanding behavioral drivers.

To understand and influence behaviors and interpret research responses, we must understand the personality of each respondent. When embedded in your research, these cost-effective, very accurate tools provide essential and actionable insights for marketers in all industries.

Optimize your market segmentation, positioning, and messaging using PersonaSmart™.

Segmedica has developed personality-based models, which are strongly predictive of decision-making processes and behaviors in many categories including:

·     Customer Health & Wellness

·     Food, Beverage, and Nutrition

·     Health Networks & Services

·     Pharmaceuticals & Devices

·     Marketing & Advertising

·     Utilities

·     Agriculture

·     And many more!

Simple and effective, PersonaSmart™ provides actionable results using a unique global profiling tool.