Segmedica, the Healthcare and Wellness Center of Excellence and a division of Research America Inc., has a range of in-depth syndicated studies available. Created from qualitative and quantitative primary research, they provide deep and actionable insights for a wide range of topics. They are underpinned by Segmedica’s PersonaSmart™ personality-based personas for greater insight. The content of two or more reports can be customized to meet client objectives and can be augmented by additional primary research.

Topics covered include consumer experience in common conditions such as obesity, diabetes, prediabetes, and chronic pain, interaction with digital healthcare and retail (in-store) healthcare as well as telehealth and medical, nutritional, and personal care behaviors under COVID-19.

Patient Journey Series (US)

The Health Conditions category focuses on specific diseases or conditions. Segmedica has completed in-depth research ranging from metabolic conditions to psychological conditions. We have found significant relationships between the metabolic conditions we have studied and can give your company an advantage when looking for opportunities in these markets. These topics will help your company understand the journey each person affected by these diseases or conditions may take, and how your company can fit into that journey.

Generational and Lifestyle (US)

Millennials are now the largest age group in the U.S. and are very concerned about their health and well-being. They have a significantly different approach to healthcare and wellness than the generations before them and need to be approached with that in mind. Acknowledging the age of a consumer when planning a marketing campaign allows for a more precise, accurate message to be delivered.

Healthcare Systems and Adherence

Studies relating to the US healthcare system but with global relevance. Reporting covers digital healthcare and retail healthcare as they relate to different personality types and to the psychology of adherence and persistence and how to create effective programs to improve compliance.

Following decades of research into the psychology of adherence and persistence, Segmedica has published a comprehensive eHandbook of Aherence and Engagement with accompanying training and consulting services.

An in-depth examination of new healthcare facilities in Big Box and other retail establishments. Retail locations, including pharmacies, supermarkets, and large chain stores, are now home to healthcare clinics, and the number is growing. Urgent care clinics focus on the delivery of ambulatory care in a dedicated medical facility outside of a traditional emergency room.

Digital healthcare is emerging quickly and, in all aspects, fostering convenience, individualization, and customer engagement in their own health. Digital healthcare encompasses in-store clinics, telemedicine within retail settings, urgent care, and much more. As Millennials age and become a main target for the healthcare industry, digital healthcare will provide many opportunities.

Healthcare in America: COVID-19 (US) (Powered by PersonaSmartTM)