Consumer Perspectives on Health Insurance

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Consumer Perspectives on Health Insurance Overview:

This report provides an up-to-date picture of the attitudes, beliefs, and relationships between the US customer and the Health Plan business. We explore customer perspectives about healthcare costs, navigating coverage plans, customer service in healthcare, and much more. This report can guide your company through these difficult times and avoid the common pitfalls that lead to customer dissatisfaction.


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Companies purchasing this report will benefit in many ways, including:

  • Extensive opportunities section outlining how to make a positive impact on consumer perspectives
  • Verify exactly where and why customers could be dissatisfied with their health plans
  • Gain a multi-dimensional understanding of the health insurance industry with this report and others on this topic



  • A lot of customer dissatisfaction comes from miscommunication. This report will guide you through how to be transparent for your customers.
  • Public image is important to customer perception. Maintaining a good public image is crucial to keeping customers happy with your service.
  • Combined with our other reports on this topic, you and your company could gain a multi-dimensional understanding of the health insurance industry from the perspectives of industry professionals and customers.

Enterprise Licensing Details:

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Includes PPT of full report and/or chart pack for internal network usage across one company brand/location. License also comes with an online report presentation.