Digital Healthcare

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Digital Healthcare Overview:

Digital healthcare is emerging quickly and, in all aspects, fostering convenience, individualization, and customer engagement in their own health. Digital healthcare encompasses in-store clinics, telemedicine within retail settings, urgent care, and much more. As Millennials age and become a main target for the healthcare industry, digital healthcare will provide many opportunities.

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  • Enhanced insights into the impact on the Integrated Delivery Systems and Health Plans
  • Learn how the consumer may respond to these options
  • How and why getting involved in consumer healthcare engagement will be beneficial
  • Benchmark what others in the industry are doing
  • Discover what stakeholders need and wish for and why it is so important



  • The expanded use of technology in digital medicine will allow new avenues to interact with the patient. A company can potentially influence consumer behavior and attitudes towards their own health and well-being.
  • Keep up with current trends and emerging technologies.
  • This report outlines some of the many opportunities for improvement in awareness of available technologies as well as improvements to the customer experience using these technologies.

Enterprise Licensing Details:

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Includes PPT of full report for internal network usage across one company brand/location. License also comes with an online report presentation.