Natural Marketing Institute releases its 2022 Health & Wellness Trends in America Report

For Immediate Release

Newtown Square, PA. September 20, 2022

Natural Marketing Institute is pleased to publish its 2022 Health & Wellness in America Trends Report. Now in its 22nd year, our consumer insights report focuses on the health and wellness based on extensive research of the U.S. consumer on the health and wellness marketplace and provides such insights based on one-of-a-kind research of the U.S. general population. This report measures and describes the marketplace for health and wellness products and services, the consumers who use them, their attitudes toward their own health and wellness, and consumers’ expectations of corporate responsibility. In addition, it uncovers consumer motivations and the challenges they encounter in their pursuit to become increasingly aligned with a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The past few years have been challenging for consumers. They have had to deal with a global pandemic, a turbulent economy, historically high inflation, global political turmoil, food shortages, and empty store shelves. In response, consumers are taking inventory and realizing that aspects of their previous way of life may be unsustainable, prompting a reorganization of priorities and the information of innovative behaviors realigned with a more thoughtful, sustainable, and healthier lifestyle. Therefore, when viewing trends within this report, it is important to note that some shifts in attitudes and behaviors may be reactive responses to current events while others have staying power and may be more permanent shifts.

That said, consumers continue to hold strong attitudes toward self-responsible health and are taking small but progressive steps toward incorporating healthier behaviors into their lifestyle. In addition, the methods they use to maintain their health span all aspects of consumers’ lifestyles from financial security and a positive mental attitude to stress management and keeping the earth healthy, expanding platforms for health marketing. Even further, consumers are making purchasing decisions based on a growing set of values-based qualities from toxin-free to fair trade. Therefore the need for an understanding of consumer drivers that affect behavior patterns has never been stronger.

A Glimpse Into Natural Marking Institute’s Report…

  • Analysis across NMI’s proprietary consumer segmentation model
  • The increased importance of values-based attributes driving purchase decisions
  • The future of online grocery ordering
  • The growing role of sustainability toward product purchase
  • Purchase and use of emerging ingredients
  • The new shifts in shopping patterns
  • The effect of COVID-19 on consumer behavior
  • Plus much more consumer insight…

The Natural Marketing Institute merged with Research America, Inc. in July of 2020. This acquisition expanded the Institute’s capabilities to include access to web panel, telephone and web-based data collection, qualitative facilities and sensory, and new product testing labs in addition to the strategic consulting services, proprietary custom methodologies and syndicated databases that include over 1 million consumer interviews in over 30 countries, trended for more than 20 years.

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