Natural Marketing Institute’s Segmentation Reveals That 64% of FOOD ACTIVES Are Vaccinated

Newtown Square, PA – August 3, 2021

Natural Marketing Institute has developed a one-of-a-kind approach for measuring behaviors before and during the pandemic (COVID-19), and as a result, has trended, qualitative research among 7,000+ general population U.S. adults. The newest wave of this research, fielded in May 2021, focused on behaviors specifically related to the pandemic vaccine. These results were analyzed using the Institute’s Health & Wellness Consumer Segmentation, described below.

The Institute’s Health & Wellness Segmentation has five distinct, mutually exclusive segments across all Americans Adults aged 18+. These five segments include the following:

  • WELL BEINGS – the most health proactive segment; they are early adopters and influencers who continually set the bar higher regarding their health
  • FOOD ACTIVES – highly oriented toward more natural means of maintaining their health and take personal responsibility through weight maintenance, exercise, and choice of naturally nutritious foods
  • MAGIC BULLETS – high condition managers searching for a “magic pill” to help manage their health, they have a high belief in the value of supplements and are the least healthy
  • FENCE SITTERS – ‘health’ strivers who sometimes exhibit contradiction between their attitudes and their behaviors; highest likelihood of having children
  • EAT, DRINK & BE MERRYS – least concerned about health and healthy eating and least knowledgeable about health-related benefits; they know they should eat healthier but often don’t

According to the most recent COVID-19 study by Natural Marketing Institute, about half of the U.S. general population (49%) has been fully vaccinated, which is comparable with CDC data at the same point in time. More importantly, the Institute found that 42% of FENCE SITTERS and 52% of EAT DRINK & BE MERRYS are not vaccinated and currently lag behind all the other segments. FOOD ACTIVES have the highest vaccination rate at 64% while WELL BEINGS, interestingly, have roughly the same rate as the general population.

In addition, the rate of those who have been fully vaccinated increases from generation to generation, with Young Millennials at 30%, steadily increasing to 65% for Boomers.  Almost half of those with lower income (47%) have not had the vaccine; however, the percentage declines moving to the middle (37%) and then higher income (21%) brackets showing that income, in addition to age and health choices, is also a factor.

In this article, Natural Marketing Institute’s Health & Wellness Segmentations identify different vaccination behaviors, but these segments can be applied to thousands of categories providing strategic insights into various consumer behaviors and trends. For more information on the Institute’s proprietary segmentation tools, please contact Steve French, Senior Vice President, at 215-513-7300 or visit

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