The Natural Marketing Institute releases New 20th Edition Consumer Report, 2020 HEALTH & WELLNESS TRENDS IN AMERICA

For Immediate Release


Natural Marketing Institute is pleased to present its 2020 Health and Wellness in America, Consumer Insights and Trends Report. This report, now in its 20th year, seeks to provide insights into how today’s consumer is confronting their own health and wellness, the health challenges they encounter and how their behaviors and attitudes have transformed, adjusted, and realigned over the past decade in response to the ever-changing and uncertain world.

Maryellen Molyneaux, Managing Partner, states in this year’s research we are finding a heightened awareness and concern for the health of the planet which appears to be causing shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviors. This report further discusses how consumers are making purchase decisions grounded in a new set of values-based qualities from fair trade to sustainably-grown. Research reveals trends which are leading to growing “reduction” attitudes and behaviors from desiring a cleaner label to making efforts to consume less animal-based meat.

The objectives of this research are to provide insights into how consumer attitudes and behaviors toward health and wellness have changed over the past 20 years and how these changes may impact the future landscape of the health and wellness industry.

Content includes…

  • Segment profiles highlighting the mainstreaming of health and wellness and the emergence of new health leaders
  • The growing connection between convenience and health
  • The proliferation and trial of plant-based offerings
  • The emerging understanding of the gut-brain connection
  • The increased importance of values-based attributes driving purchase decisions
  • Plus much more….

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