NMI releases New 2019 STATE OF SUSTAINABILITY IN AMERICA 17th Annual Consumer Insights & Trends Report

For Immediate Release

HARLEYSVILLE, PA. Dec 11, 2018


NMI (Natural Marketing Institute) a leading research and global intelligence provider to brands and corporations, is pleased to present its


17th Annual Consumer Insights & Trends Report

Since 2002, NMI’s annual consumer research study devoted to understanding values & behaviors across health, the environment & corporate social responsibility, & their impact on purchase!

130+ pages of NMI research study supported, current consumer insights with data and analysis, including charts, graphs, illustrations!

This report uncovers insights into how today’s consumer integrates eco-friendliness into their daily life and reveals their motivations and the challenges they encounter in their pursuit to become increasingly aligned with a more sustainable lifestyle.

NMI’s insights assist you to better understand the ever-evolving world of environmentally-friendly, sustainable, socially conscious, and healthy products and services. In fact, sustainability-related benefits are showing growth in a number of categories across the consumer landscape.  Their growth is due in part to the fact that many products and services now come with fewer and fewer trade-offs, and consumers continue to gravitate toward brands that help them live healthfully and sustainably.

This report provides a comprehensive overview of where the current sustainable marketplace stands, in addition to…

  • NMI’s Top 10 Consumer Sustainability Trends Forecasting for 2019
  • The return on investment of companies’ sustainability initiatives
  • How segments within society view sustainability differently and what motivates this differentiation
  • Consumer insights regarding the health of the planet and what issues resonate most
  • Consumer alignment with sustainable food benefits
  • The impact of Millennials
  • New ways to reach and impact the new breed of ethical consumers
  • And much more

Report Methodology

  • 3,000 U.S. adults, nationally projectable to the U.S. adult population and accurate at the 95% confidence level to +/- 1.2%
  • Conducted online & Crafted 4th Quarter 2018, Report released January 2019

NMI USA LOHAS Sustainability Database

  • U.S. Trending since 2002, 54,000+ consumers, 5 Influencial Segments 
  • Globally since 2005, 23 countries; 150,000+ consumers interviewed

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